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Dirk Jan de Ridder

Dirk Jan ‘DJ’ de Ridder is a military aviation photographer with many flying hours in all types of military aircraft.



DJ’s publications in military aviation magazines are read by military leaders and well-informed enthusiasts.

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You will find many photos of military aircraft and helicopters from around the world in the photo gallery.

Croatian Air Force CL-415

Recently shot: Croatian Air Force CL-415 dropping 6,000 liters of water at once (21 April 2017).

Lightroom book

Lightroom for Aviation Photographers

The only book about Photoshop Lightroom especially for aviation photographers, written by Dirk Jan de Ridder.

Recent articles

Dirk Jan de Ridder
By Dirk Jan de Ridder
Flying psychologists – Pilot training in Sweden
June 4, 2017
The Swedish Air Force's way of training new pilots is unique in many ways, as major Marcus Jedby explains. read more
Dirk Jan de Ridder
By Dirk Jan de Ridder
Peak Performers – Swiss Air Force helicopters
April 10, 2017
Swiss Air Force helicopter pilots carry out many roles in difficult circumstances, making them one of the most experienced pilots in the world. read more
Dirk Jan de Ridder
By Dirk Jan de Ridder
Last of the Buckeyes – 120 Air Training Wing
December 8, 2016
After the retirement of the T-2 Buckeye from the US Navy in 2015, the Hellenic Air Force remained as the final operator of the type. read more