On this page you will find a selection of my work for Cypriot armed forces and about military events in Cyprus.

Please feel free to download some PDF copies of my published work for non-commercial purposes.

If you work in the Cypriot armed forces and you would like to hear about me from someone you may know, I have personally met and worked closely with the following persons who are well aware of the work I do:

G. Kaponas (450 Sqn), K. Savva (450 Sqn).
(first names are withheld for privacy reasons, ranks because they change over time)

Dirk Jan de Ridder

Cypriot Gunships, in Air Forces Monthly (November 2019)
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Zyperns Kampfhubschrauber, in FLUG REVUE (February 2020)
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“The Cypriot National Guard’s Mi-35 Hind and SA342 Gazelle attack helicopters are very rarely reported on. Dirk Jan de Ridder visited what may well be the European Union’s most exotic attack helicopter squadron – a unit that has never left national territory for operations or training exercises.”

From Cypriot Gunships, AirForces Monthly (November 2019)

“The Mi-35 has a lifespan of 25 years, meaning that it can remain operational until 2026 with just one more overhaul. Plans are starting to emerge to replace both the Gazelles and the Hinds with a new attack helicopter. This would possibly happen when the Mi-35s are due for their next overhaul by around 2021.”

From Cypriot Gunships, AirForces Monthly (November 2019)

Cypriot Gunships – 450 Squadron
August 25, 2019
The Cyprus National Guard's Mi-35 Hind and SA342 Gazelle helicopters, may well be the European Union's most exotic attack helicopters. Read more