United States of America

On this page you will find a selection of my work for American armed forces and about military events in the United States of America.

Please feel free to download some PDF copies of my published work for non-commercial purposes.

Dirk Jan de Ridder

Liberty Fighters, in Aeronautika (June 2011)
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Train to Win, in Global Military (March 2016)
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“When the horn sounds, we’re sitting down in the alert facility without our G-suit and harness so we have 15 minutes to get dressed, hop in the van, drive out there, start the jet -and if it breaks, you can hop out, run to the next one and start it up-, take off and still you could do that in probably about 10 minutes.”

Capt. Andrew Frye
about standing alert with the F-15C in Lithuania

“The green Lakotas are typically used to represent blue forces. Then we’ve got what we call the ‘bruised bananas’ in the yellow and brown camouflage. They represent the red forces, or the bad guys. If the other unit is simulating being a bad guy then I would fly as red air to train the enemy trying to find and attack the helicopter.”

Capt. Jeremy Saldana
about how the US Army uses the UH-72 Lakota

Train to Win – Lakotas at Hohenfels
May 29, 2016
Not as well-known as the Apache or Black Hawk, the US Army in Europe also operates 8 UH-72A Lakotas in non-combat support roles from Germany. Read more
Grim Reapers on QRA
May 14, 2011
The 493rd Fighter Squadron ‘Grim Reapers’ is the only United States Air Forces in Europe squadron flying the F-15C. Read more