On this page you will find a selection of my work for Greek armed forces and about military events in Greece.

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If you work in the Greek armed forces and you would like to hear about me from someone you may know, I have personally met and worked closely with the following persons who are well aware of the work I do:

I. Kaloudis (359 MAEDY), V. Theodorakis (359 MAEDY).
(first names are withheld for privacy reasons, ranks because they change over time)

Dirk Jan de Ridder

Always the First, in Air Forces Monthly (October 2018)
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“Our aircraft [the PZL M-18B Dromader] is really targeting the fire. We use 5 to 10 degree angles of attack with surgical accuracy at a release altitude of just ten meters. I can drop the water in a garden without destroying the buildings around it. It is a bomb of 1.5 tons [approaching the fire] with the velocity of the aircraft. The effect is the same as doing three or four water drops from 40 meters.”

Col Ioannis Kaloudis
about firefighting with the single-engine PZL M-18B Dromader

“It is the Hellenic Air Force’s goal to turn Iniochos into the most competitive exercise in Europe. Egypt and Jordan have already expressed interest in participation in the exercise in the near future and while relations between NATO and Erdoğan’s Turkey are at a crossroads, countries that would normally go to Turkey for Anatolian Eagle, might opt for Iniochos in the next few years.”

From ‘War Games over the Aegean’,

Always the First – Greek M-18 Dromaders
June 24, 2018
The firefighting specialists of the Hellenic Air Force's 359 MAEDY celebrate a half-century of existence and 35 years operating the M-18 Dromader. Read more
Wargames over the Aegean – Iniochos 2018
May 28, 2018
Increasing tensions with Turkey formed the backdrop to exercise Iniochos 2018, the Hellenic Air Force's biggest international exercise yet. Read more
Last of the Buckeyes – 120 Air Training Wing
December 8, 2016
After the retirement of the T-2 Buckeye from the US Navy in 2015, the Hellenic Air Force remained as the final operator of the type. Read more